Motion’s fit & function guarantee

If a repair or adjustment is required following a purchase or repair (in keeping with the equipment prescription and pending no changes to the client’s clinical needs), Motion will fix it for free to ensure that the equipment meets the client’s clinical needs. The guarantee, for adjustment or repair, is available from the date of dispense for up to: 7 days for soft goods that come into contact with the skin, such as seating and backs, and 30 days for equipment.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Motion provides a complete warranty repair service on behalf of the manufacturer for all eligible equipment; recycled equipment through the Central Equipment Pool (CEP) may not be eligible. Details regarding a product’s manufacturer warranty will be found in the owner’s manual, instructions or warranty card included with the equipment. Please review this warranty and its restrictions. Warranty coverage may not apply due to regular wear and tear, “abuse” or “neglect,” or lack of regular or scheduled maintenance. Note that most manufacturer warranties do not cover the costs associated with labour.

Client responsibility

It is the client’s responsibility, along with the client’s family, trustee or guardian, to follow the owners’ manual to care for and regularly maintain the equipment. The client will also be responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment and for repairs resulting from regular wear and tear, “abuse” or “neglect,” or lack of regular or scheduled maintenance.