Quickie® GP/GPV™ Manual Wheelchair

Quickie® GP/GPV™ Manual Wheelchair

Fully adjustable with a solid, rigid frame, Quickie GP and GPV chairs are engineered to maximize function and performance while minimizing effort for the rider. The extensive array of options and accessories make this model an ideal chair for daily use and sports activities. A variety of wheel options (tires, rims, hubs) are matched to the desires of the rider with choices from no maintenance to high performance, including Quickie Performance Wheels for tennis and basketball.

Fit is everything

The way a product feels, fits, and moves is at the heart of how well it will suit you, and your daily life.

That’s why we offer clients the opportunity to visit our locations and get a true sense of any given product. Motion isn’t a place. It’s a partnership, and a promise: we work with you to turn our products into possibilities.

Addtional Features
  • Standard with a 70° front frame angle
  • GPV front end option tapers inward in a V-like fashion
  • Adjustable axle positions available for center of gravity adjustment
  • Sports orientated Quickie performance wheels are an available option (basketball and tennis)
  • Multiple axle plate options such as double slot & amputee are available to meet individual needs.
  • Camber on the GPV can be adjusted from 0°-12° in two degree increments for easier propulsion
Product Specifications
PRODUCT WEIGHT Approx. 21.5 lbs. (w/ steel axles), 19.75 lbs. (w/ titanium axles)
PRODUCT WIDTH 12" - 22" seat width
PRODUCT LENGTH/DEPTH 12" - 22" seat depth
PRODUCT HEIGHT 17.25" - 19" seat to floor
CASTER OPTIONS 3", 4", 5", 6"
REAR WHEEL OPTIONS 22", 24", 26"
AXLE OPTIONS Standard- stainless steel, optional Titanium, and Quad release axle nuts
Manufacturer Details
Sunrise Medical
Frequently Asked Questions

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