Caribou Pediatric Stander

Caribou Pediatric Stander

The Caribou standing frame from R82 by Etac is a versatile pediatric standing aid that supports prone, upright, or supine standing positions. The Caribou is an ideal solution for children who have limited head and trunk control, or limited range of motion.

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Addtional Features
  • Vertical horizontal tilt: The Caribou tilts from vertical to horizontal. The horizontal position makes it easier for the carer and less stressful for the user to be placed into position.
  • Adjustable plate: Height-adjustable for correct positioning.
  • Shaping of the base plate:Side slot wedges for shaping of the base plate.
  • Parted foot plates: The foot plates allow positioning and support from almost any angle.
  • Castors with locks: Secure the Caribou for safe transfers.
Manufacturer Details
R82 by ETAC
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