The Miniwalk moves up and down during gait, allowing for a more normal heel strike, toe off. As the user steps forward, the spring lifts and assists with the swing through phase of gait. The Miniwalk is equipped with trunk support and seat, which can be adjusted independently of each other. They are both continuously variable with regards to height so that the gait trainer ‘grows’ with the child. The trunk support and seat, supports the child and helps to obtain an upright posture.

Fit is everything

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Addtional Features
  • Easy adjustment
  • Dynamic spring action
  • Promotes natural gait
  • Adjustable angle handlebar encourages more upright or forward trunk orientation
  • Wide range of accessories
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use (on hard, flat surfaces)
Product Specifications
SIZES 1 / 2
LENGTH (CM) 74 / 74
WIDTH (CM) 65 / 65
SEAT HEIGHT (CM) 27 - 48 / 27 - 63
TRUNK SUPPORT HEIGHT (CM) 52 - 75 / 67 - 90
WHEEL SIZE, FRONT (MM) 150 / 150
WHEEL SIZE, REAR (MM) 250 / 250
WEIGHT (KG) 15 / 15
MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT (KG) 40 / 40Miniwalk
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