Modular Ramp

Modular Ramp

Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light commercial market, EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramp systems are an excellent choice when accessibility needs to extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. The efficient design uses less hardware and no pre-assembly is required. EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramps comply with ADA guidelines and offer quick and convenient installation and removal.

Fit is everything

The way a product feels, fits, and moves is at the heart of how well it will suit you, and your daily life.

That’s why we offer clients the opportunity to visit our locations and get a true sense of any given product. Motion isn’t a place. It’s a partnership, and a promise: we work with you to turn our products into possibilities.

Addtional Features
  • A 24-foot system can be installed, including handrails, in less than 30 minutes
  • Handrails feature a brushed, architectural finish 9 Universal components and platforms ensure
  • fewer parts
  • Made of durable, lightweight aluminum that does not rust, rot, or decay
  • Ramps, platforms, and handrails require minimal assembly
  • No anchoring into concrete footings or pads is required
  • Architecturally designed for a clean, modern appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Support legs are individually adjustable for height
  • Handrail end loops
  • Handrail corner kit
  • Completed 16’ system
  • Can be easily expanded, reconfigured, or moved Simple handrail connection
  • Permanent non-skid surface
  • Sides are finished and flush; no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding into usable ramp area
Product Specifications
SIZE 36” width (standard)
48” and other custom widths available
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