Motion x PUR90

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Motion x PUR90

Motion is happy to announce that we will be partnering with PUR90 to provide our teams with plant and mineral-based cleaning products to clean our clients’ equipment and our facilities. This new partnership supports our goal of being environmentally sustainable leaders in our industry. Products that the Motion team will use includes FRESCH™ Botanical, Health Canada Approved Disinfectant, KLENZ™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and DLETE™ Active Odour Eliminator.

A Motion employee spraying down two power wheelchairs with PUR90 cleaning spray.

Who is PUR90?

PUR90 is a Canadian company providing innovative cleaning solutions without the use of harsh chemicals. PUR90 offers a truly green alternative to traditional chemical cleaning products to companies who are seeking to enhance their green initiatives and Corporate ESG Responsibilities.

PUR90 Products

PUR90 products are formulated using plant and mineral-based active ingredients that keep people, pets, and the planet safe.

For more information about PUR90 and their eco-friendly portfolio of cleaning products, click the button below.

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