Introducing Jessica Oddi – Client Ambassador

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Introducing Jessica Oddi – Client Ambassador

We are excited to introduce you to our new client ambassador, Jessica! Jessica is a designer from Hamilton, ON with a passion for branding, design accessibility and digital illustrations that celebrate underrepresented groups. Say tuned for more content from Jessica about her and her power wheelchair, Stormtrooper.

Hi there! I’m Jess (she/her), a disabled designer from Hamilton, ON.

My espresso-fuelled craft is combined with an underlying passion for advocacy. I focus on branding and websites, design accessibility, and digital illustrations that celebrate underrepresented groups. This self-made career has given me the incredible opportunity to connect with folks across the globe.

When not obsessing over layouts, I like to get involved in disability-centred campaigns. From The Disabled Life comedy blog with my sister Lianna, to the group Intimately Disabled with dear friends. Plus, volunteering for WATBD? and various design spaces.

Okay, enough about work.

I was born with some rare form of Neuro or Muscular Dystrophy, which has been in diagnosis limbo for over a decade or so. But whatever copy of genetic abnormality I stole from my sister; it meant I got to rock a power wheelchair since the age of four. (That makes me a certified expert in maneuvering heavy machinery.)

Lianna and Jessica in their Quantum iLevel chairs, raised up to the fireplace mantle. They are wearing formal wear. Black balloons in the background.

The love of my social circles has been a big source of support throughout life. The humour shared with close family and friends forged me into the shameless self-advocate I am today. With accessible transit adventuring, we love to attend the theatre, try new grub spots, and get into shenanigans together.

My future goal is to travel in-chair on airplanes to explore Europe without cargo-damage. Besides that, I just want to keep trying new things and enjoy the ride of life.

Jessica’s message for International Wheelchair Day.

To learn more about Jessica, click the buttons below to find her social channels. And stay tuned to Motion’s social channels for more from Jessica throughout the year.  

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