Adding access & safety to your home

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Adding access & safety to your home

When it comes to safety and accessibility in the home, our teams across the country are ready to offer a solution. Here’s a shortlist of 5 important home accessibility items to increase your independence and help you stay at home longer.

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Affordable, non-intrusive and safe, stairlifts can help you maintain your mobility and independence and make it easy to safely enjoy your entire home. Whether you need a stairlift to reach an upstairs bedroom or downstairs laundry, this is a fast and easy solution that can be installed in as little as 1 day. They don’t require any modification to walls and can fit even the narrowest staircases. Available in both straight and custom curved models, stairlifts are suitable for any type of stairway. 


A porch is a beautiful feature on any home, but for someone who uses a wheelchair, mobility scooter, cane, or walker, even one or two steps can be a major barrier. The easiest solution is to install a ramp. We carry a number of sturdy, lightweight, modular or portable ramp systems. However, ramps are limited to their height, so in certain cases, a vertical platform lift may be a more suitable option.

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts help wheelchair and mobility scooter users more easily enter and exit a home that has a greater height distance between ground level and entryway. Unlike a stairlift, a vertical platform lift doesn’t require a wheelchair and mobility scooter user to get out of their equipment, transporting both them and their mobility devices at the same time. These discreet lifts can be added to your porch or deck, or even inside a garage or the home, and are safe and reliable – even through a Canadian winter.

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts are clinically proven to be the easiest, safest and most comfortable way to transfer someone in and out of their mobility device – for both the device user and their caregiver(s). There are two types of ceiling lifts: a portable system, which can be moved to another site within the home, or a fixed unit. Choosing which of these two lifts would be appropriate depends on the user’s transfer needs, now and in the future, as well as the layout of the home. These are important considerations that should be discussed before going forward with a ceiling lift installation. The style of the sling should also be discussed prior to selection, as there are a variety of options and sizes available. Our team of professionals will ensure you receive the information and training you need to ensure that the lift is used safely and effectively.

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Pool Lifts

Pool lifts provide easy access to pools, spas or other aquatic areas that can be permanently installed or portable. Most pool lift designs are adaptable to nearly all swimming pool configurations. The arms of a pool lift reach over the pool edge and can vary in length depending upon the amount of required clearance. Pool lifts work well with edgeless designs, as well as with pools with curbs, gutters and skimmers. They can be either user- or caregiver-operated with ease. They are designed to be a durable and reliable way to independently enjoy leisure activities. 

To learn more about the home accessibility products and solutions our teams install across Canada to make you safe in your space, please visit the link below. 

This material does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician for specific treatment recommendations.