Wire Basket with Oxygen Holder for "D" Size Tanks for Xpresso Series by Evolution

The transport of an oxygen tank in a walker can pose a real safety issue. The extra weight in the basket can cause the walker to become unstable. There is also a real danger of the tank falling out of the basket. A safe option for these problems is now available. Not only does this device hold the tank safely and securely but it also adds to the stability of the walker. Lowering the center of gravity and positioning the tank to the middle of all four wheels have created a much safer walker. Simple to install, the holder can also be easily removed to allow the walker to be folded for transport.

  • 2 Sizes for Regular and Tall Xpresso walkers (B20OHXP) and for Mini Xpresso walkers (B20OHXPM)

***Walker not included, used for reference only.***