Waterproof Seat Protector by Priva


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Features & Benefits


Our Soft Fabric is discreet and does not look like an incontinence product

Keeps any surface dry and stain free

Features an absorbent inner layer and non-slip vinyl backing

Portable and can be used on: wheelchairs, furniture, car seats, airplane seats, scooters, etc.

Lasts up to 300 washes and is machine washer and dryer friendly.

A seat protector is a waterproof absorbent portable pad which can be placed on any surface to protect from leaks and stains. The Top layers is made of a soft velour material which insures discreet comfortable protection. Our absorbent inner soaker layer channels liquids away from the surface and locks away moisture. The waterproof backing is make from our safeguard vintex vinyl that prevents any leaks or stains from seeping through.