Bed Pad by Australian Sheepskin Apparel

Features & Benefits

  • MSHP4 – 48 inches by 30 inches
  • MSHP5 – 60 inches by 30 inches
  • Also available in Bariatric Overlays – 30″x80″, 60″x80″, 80″x80″. Please call to inquire.
Measurement disclaimer:
Our measurement denote the actual dimensions of the medical sheepskin product you will receive from us, after it has been processed from a regular sheepskin to a medical-grade high-temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin.
Some of our competitors will use the dimensions of their sheepskin before they process them.  As some shrinking does occur during the process, be sure that the supplier of your sheepskin is using post-processing measurements so there are no surprises when your product arrives.
  • Rapidly absorbs and removes moisture from the source, Keeping skin warm and dry to facilitate natural healing.
  • Low friction – moves with your body to reduce shearing .
  • Resists staining and residual odors.
  • Genuine, high-temp, medical grade merino wool sheepskin. 4,000 to 6,000 fibres per square centimeter (this density is not possible with synthetic manufacturing processes). Merino wool pile keeps its texture and density even after repeated washings – can be laundered at home and re-used for years!