2020 Toyota Sienna LE- VMI Northstar E Conversion



2020 Toyota Sienna LE

The Northstar E combines VMI’s one-of-a-kind, manual in-floor
ramp with industry-best interior space and legendary Toyota
reliability to deliver unbeatable value for caregivers. Like VMI’s fullpower conversions, the Northstar E offers more interior space and
headroom than any other wheelchair-accessible vehicle, making it
ideal for large wheelchair maneuverability. Caregivers of any age or
size can easily use the manual in-floor ramp thanks to its patented
design that requires no bending or lifting.

Door Opening Height- 57.3″
Door Opening Width- 30″
Interior Height at Center Position- 61″
Interior Height at Front Position- 61″
Ramp Angle- 11.1 deg
Ramp Length (angled ramp and transition plate)- 60″
Ramp Width (usable)- 30″
Ramp Capacity- 1000lb
Floor Length Overall- 94.5″
Floor Length Behind Front Seats (from B pillar)- 65.5″
Floor Width- 64.6″
Ground Clearance (at exhaust)- 5.4″
Overall Vehicle Height (with roof rails)- 78.3″