2-6" A900 Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid and Armrests

Easy to fix and secure, with large hygiene recesses, the Aquatec series of toilet seat raisers are used to add additional height to home or facility toilets, providing a safe and more independent environment. 

  • Tool-free seat height adjustments – 2″, 4″, 6″ (6, 10, 15 cm)
  • Angle adjustable – 8, 11, 18 degrees. Important for hip fractures.
  • Fits in seconds onto all round toilets
  • Removeable lid can be operated by lifting the armrests
  • Manufactured in Germany.

Dimensions: 16.7″ L x 14.2″ W / 11.2″ L x 8.9″ W hygiene recess
Width Between Arms: 20″
Product Weight Capacity: 265 lb/120 kg
Warranty: All Aquatec Bath Safety products are covered under a limited warranty for a period of two years.