Meet Irene

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Meet Irene

Irene is a Custom Seating Technician in British Columbia and is a vital member to our organization. Our People Team virtually sat down with her to learn more about how she became involved with mobility and accessibility products, why she continues to work at Motion to grow her career, and how she and her team have handled the pandemic both internally and externally. Our People Team was impressed by her background and dedication to making life accessible – you will be too. 

What drew you to mobility and accessibility products, and why Motion?

I spent the first 15 years of my professional life working overseas in the field of humanitarian diplomacy. After 9/11 this work became increasingly dangerous, so in 2007 I was looking to make a career change and find a new challenge and the ability to make a positive impact, but in a much safer environment. 

I went back to university to embark on a different trajectory – industrial design – where I was quickly drawn to healthcare design with a particular focus on manufacturing. My graduate project was an easy chair for care homes that played personalized music for people with dementia. This eventually led me to a job with the British Columbia Provincial Health Authority. I spent the next four years at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children building complex custom seating for the pediatric population. 

When the custom seating position at Motion’s Vancouver location became available, I was all over the opportunity. I associated Motion with high-quality products, expertise, great service and the flexibility to try unconventional solutions to meet unique client needs. My time here has allowed me to continue to evolve my custom seating practice with adult clients, solving complex positioning needs while opening a range of other design/build opportunities related to power wheelchairs and a range of other equipment and accessories.

How is the team culture?

The team at Motion has been amazing to work with and has been extremely supportive. From the get-go, my managers trusted me to come up with solutions, ensuring we have all the tools and supplies needed to push the envelope of custom offerings at our location. The ability to easily build close, collaborative relationships with highly experienced Motion Sales Consultants and our partner therapists enables our teams to fully consider client needs, research a wide range of options and optimize our solutions. As a result, the entire team is continuously expanding our learning and pushing the limits of what is possible for our clients. 

What unique offerings does Motion have?

Motion is a company with a national reach and a wide range of professional networks. This diversity of experience provides a wide lens and access to best practices and future thinking. It helps us achieve innovation, create efficiencies and expand our reach.

Our clients and their care teams know what is possible and expect high-quality solutions. We are lucky to have many highly experienced seating therapists who are recognized in their field and who choose to partner with Motion to realize their visions and push the limits of what is possible for our shared clients. This helps us as an organization stand out from the rest. 

Anyone who is striving to achieve excellence in this field will see that the exceptional outcomes we have at Motion stem from the collaboration we have amongst our teams, with our clients, and with their care teams. Each situation and story are unique and the continuous evolution of our professional practice allows us to elevate the care we offer. 

Why would someone choose to work at Motion?  

Motion is a dynamic organization with an impressive range and breadth of experience that has its heart in the right place. It is tangibly making the world a better place one client at a time. For anyone who loves to tinker, is part of the maker community and wants to help others in a palpable way, then this is the ideal career

Motion has created a professional environment where there is ample opportunity for innovation and professional development. This environment is fulfilling and personally rewarding. We are a service industry where the quality, cohesion, and collective talent of our teams is our most valuable asset.

What steps did Motion take during the onset of the pandemic to keep employees and clients safe? 

I was impressed with the speed at which our leadership pivoted. As it became clear that our clients needed us and our services were categorized as ‘essential,’ we were organized into two shifts so that the effects of a potential exposure could be limited. At the same time, there was a strong effort to source PPE at a time when supply was limited. Our managers kept up with the evolving situation and quickly adapted protocols to reflect this. We continued our work throughout the pandemic, and without anyone at our location contracting the virus to date. 

What are you most proud of? 

It is in our interest, to be honest, and transparent with our clients and the communities we serve. Honesty and compassion are what drive our business forward. Ultimately, Motion cares about providing excellent, innovative products to clients efficiently and at a great value. This is what our teams try to achieve every day and I am proud of it. If you are interested in joining our team please visit our Careers page and view our current opportunities across Canada.

If you are interested in joining our team please visit our Careers page and view our current opportunities across Canada.

This material does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician for specific treatment recommendations.